Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I know I'm one of the last to join the party...

but I’ve recently become enamored with children's author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds: both his ideology and his books. Such a generous heart, only wanting to nurture and grow each person's creativity, no matter how dormant. His website exudes the same giving spirit.  

I first read ish (and became an instant and forever fan), then the dot and I’m here quickly followed by Sky color and The North Star. Each one touched me. (Even his use of lower case for titles adds something for me.)

Yes, I love his artwork but I’m a writer, so I savor how he infuses simple language with richness and imagination. I love the sparse feel of his books, yet how powerful they are without ever preaching. They are, for me, emotive and inspirational.  

And I can’t believe the store he co-owns, The Blue Bunny Books and Toys, is right next door to me in Dedham. I'm there as soon as possible, just to poke around, buy books, and drink in the atmosphere.

His intro to The North Star choked me up. Some excerpts:

“Dear Friend, …The North Star is a story for all ages. Whether you are beginning a new journey, have decided to alter the direction of your life, or are starting out for the first time, this book is here to encourage you. …It is my hope that whatever The North Star may spark in you will continue to shine …as you navigate your very own wonderful journey. …This is my gift to you. Listen carefully and you will hear not my voice, but yours.”